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Energy Drink Review – 5 Hour Energy

Hey there!

This is a review for 5 hour Energy shots. Which you might have guessed from the title of the post. 5 Hour Energy shots are a rather popular and the most well known of Energy shots in the US and world in general. I find the 5 hour shots to be rather effective and boosting for myself. There are multiple flavors of 5 hour energy shots. Below, I will list each flavor and my personal tastes of each flavor. I will also list the ingredients and overall review of 5 hour energy shots compared to other shots and energy drinks. So with that all said, lets get this taste test started!


Image: 5-Hour Energy

Flavors: As of this post there are a total of 10 flavors with four in the “Extra Strength” variety.

Grape – Taste somewhat harsh but with a strong grapey flavor.

Berry – Hard to distinguish what kind of berry this is supposed to be. Otherwise palatable.

Citrus – A little harsh, but then slightly sour/sweet and goes down okay.

Orange – Harsh orange flavor that lingers on your tongue for awhile.

Pomegranate – Very strong and sharp.

Cherry – Bland, was hoping it would be sweet like a bing cherry.

Green Apple – Strong with a hint of sour apple.

Pink Lemonade – Hits the tongue sour, but then sweetens.

Raspberry – Similar to Berry, but a little more keen and sharp on the sweet side.

Strawberry Watermelon – Starts watered down and then hits a slightly sweet but strong taste.


Nutrition Information:

5 Hour Energy Nutrition Label

Read it and weep, basically its a high volume impact on your system of energy providing vitamins and caffeine. Also unlike other energy drink products it only contains 4 calories. So its much safer for those on a diet trying to get that boost to go workout. As for the caffeine amount, it comes in a rather high 200mg. Which is over three cups of coffee.


Energy Drink/Shot Comparisons:

Original Monster – Goes down much better for me, not to mention quicker. So I’ll take the 5 hour over the Monster.

Original Red Bull – While it doesn’t give quite as much of a boost. I prefer the taste and overall sensation of a Red Bull.

6 Hour Power – Cheaper but weaker. Goes down about the same as well.

VPN Redline – VPN can give you a much stronger kick, but for me it usually results in a headache. I’ll stick with the 5 Hour Energy.

Rockstar Energy – Rockstar just doesn’t work for me. So I’ll take the 5 Hour Energy

Celsius – The Celsius goes down much better taste wise for me and it gives almost the same boost in energy. I’ll take the Celsius over the 5 hour energy.


That’s it for now and thanks for reading!



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