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Bawls – Energy Drink Review

Hey Everyone,

Today I’ll be reviewing the cult energy drink. Bawls, yes that is the name of the drink. Bawls comes in four flavors and one sugar free version. I’m sure you’re already wondering what the flavor of a bottle of bawls taste likes.

Well, it actually tastes pretty good. Hard to believe I said that, but yes Bawl’s taste really good. Now Bawls Gurana has been around for awhile now. It got started as marketing itself as a gaming drink to keep you pumped and going while you play counter strike or warcraft 3. Bawls even endorsed gamers and gaming shops with discounts and banners. I found Bawls by visiting where you can still purchase it.

When I purchased my first case of bawls I didn’t know what to expect. The name while somewhat juvenile is also funny, at least for some people. Anyway, thinkgeek promoted it as a heavily caffeinated drink that all geeks could enjoy. So I bought some and wowie I didn’t think I could enjoy a energy drink this much. But it was a cool bumpy blue bottle, and it was just the right amount of fizzy carbonation and unique guarana flavor and kept me buying bawls.

Now lets go over each flavor.


Cherry: Slight hint of Bing cherries with the kick and fizziness, definitely worth trying.

Original: The classic that started it all. Aesthetic with the bottle is great. The flavor is unique.

Root Beer: Like a MUG mixed with Barqs, with the kick and carbonation of a regular bawls.

Sugar Free: Best I can describe is its like the difference between Red Bull and Red Bull Sugar free. You can tell and its lighter.

Orange: Like a orange creme Popsicle with the kick of the original.



Redbull: Bawls is more fizzy and the flavor has more kick.

Monster: Bawls is much lighter and smoother.

Rockstar: Bawls is much smoother.

Celsius: Bawls is not as light and doesn’t give as much of a kick. But the flavor is much better.

The Scores:

(Original Version)

Flavor – 80/100

Bottle/Can Design – 85/100

Availability – 60/100

Price – 55/100

Final Score: 70/100

Bawls Promo


You can find bawls at Thinkgeek, the official bawls store, and amazon.

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