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Suikoden – Review

Hello Gamers,

Today I have another JRPG review for you. If you are interested in a simple score go ahead and scroll down to the bottom, otherwise keep reading for my detailed thoughts on the overall game.

What’s this another JRPG review? Why yes indeed it is! So what Japanese rpg will I be reviewing this time? Why the original sukioden for THEE ORIGINAL PlayStation. So, without further ado let us begin our journey into the world Suikoden and do battle with the evil Scarlet Moon Empire!

Suikoden is not quite your classic turn based rpg like final fantasy or dragon quest. It is infact a small scale turn based strategy game with turn based rpg gameplay blended together. What now, you say? Let me explain, The game features full standard party system turn based combat where like usual you take turns bludgeoning each other with weapons and magic until one side wins. But, suikoden also has you assembling a army with which you fight larger scale battles across the continent in order to liberate territory. These battles are fought in a sort of quasi rock paper scissor style turn based system.

Suikoden’s main feature is the 108 stars of destiny, recruitment system that you use to not only assemble your turn based rpg party. But to also increase the size of your army for the large scale battles. The more “stars” you recruit the larger your force will become so that you can have the winning edge. These “stars” are the legends and heroes of the Scarlet Moon Empire and surrounding countries, they are scattered all about the world but most I found fairly easy to find if you spend any time backtracking and searching around. Only two are very well hidden by the developers.Suikoden 1 Gameplay 02

Another great feature of Suikoden is having your own castle. Yes, you read that right. You get your very own castle and this isn’t any ordinary castle, This bad boy is a giant multi tower castle on a island sitting in the middle of the sea. Excited yet? If not, how does the fact that as you recruit more of those stars into your army the castle grows and becomes more lively as characters interact with each other and setup stores and vaults inside your castle for you to use. They even offers services like baths and music.

Now, lets focus on the story. It is a rather predictable Hero of the Empire turns traitor and leads a revolution overthrowing a tyrannical government story. There were no twists or turns for me, everything I expected to happen, happened. There are some elements of love to the game and I did enjoy the friendship and camaraderie between the characters which you actually have a chance to develop and encourage. I enjoyed my personal butler and friend Grimio the most, I wont spoil the story to those who wish to play this classic but I was happy I spent the extra time recruiting every star.Suikoden 1 Gameplay 01

I found the story of Suikoden to be rather enjoyable overall, it is a 90’s PlayStation game with zero voiceovers. So that means get ready to read text and there is a fair bit, the story isn’t quite as deep as I would of liked and you wont find a reason to revisit some areas or even talk with the locales after every major event as their dialogue just doesn’t change. This is one area that Suikoden fails to deliver. You wont find dozens of hidden dungeons or extra endgame material, but what you have is still quite fun and you can easily waste 100+ hours if you intend to recruit every star and level them and their weapons to max. Now, why would you bother leveling to max you might ask? Because the games sequel Suikoden II actually carries over your save game as some of the “Stars” from the original reappear and are recruit able and they keep their levels and weapons if you raised them up.

Now that you know about Suikodens Gameplay and Overall story, Lets give this game a score.

Gamplay: /81/ Overall it is a standard turnbased JRPG. The inclusion of RPS grand battles is a interesting addition but under used.

Graphics: /85/ I’m probably being too kind but I do love 2d graphics so I added a few points. The sprites are not of the highest quality but this isn’t a brand new game.

Story: /83/ Its good if not exactly the most original or unpredictable story I’ve ever encountered.

Audio: /78/ The sound effects are fine, and I enjoyed most of the music. But, I am always disappointed with a lack of voice overs.

Overall Score: 82

Recommendation: Yes, If you haven’t played Suikoden or any of the Suikoden games. I highly suggest you pick one up and play it if you like JRPGs or any turn based games.

Trivia: The game is actually loosely based around the chinese novel Shui Hu Zhuan or Water Margin. You can read more about it here.

Those are my thoughts and opinions on Suikoden, What did you think of Suikoden? Do you have any nostalgic or great moments while playing you want to share?

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