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Dragon Age: Journeys – Review

Hey Gamers,

With Dragon Age: Origin’s already come and gone. Let’s take some time to remember this little flash game that came just before to introduce us to the world of Dragon Age. Bioware had released a short but sweet browser game to state our hunger.

Dragon Age Journeys Gameplay 01Dragon Age: Journeys has you traveling through the dwarf realm of Orzammar. Down into the deepest mines of the dwarf realms. I wont give much away. But mechanics wise its turn based, the story while not extremely deep(Hah!), is a good example of what we found in the retail version.

The gameplay in Dragon Age: Journeys is turnbased and uses a hexagonal tactics system. You could say movement wise its similar to Civilization V. But of course, combat and tactics wise it is very different. You’ll find yourself with a small party of adventures, with them you need to succeed at cleansing the deep roads. For that you are given a arsenal of weapons and magic. I found the magic to be quite underpowered.

And as I said before, yes you are in the deep roads and yes you will be visiting Orzammar and fighting loads of darkspawn. But as with the pc game. You will find yourself picking a origin story. So each opening is unique but the end story is the same. The main hub of the game is of course Orzammar. There you find all the essentials you need for battling those dark spawn in the deep roads.

The graphics for a flash game are very nice. The spell effects and other nuances the game throws at you are well done and give a great impression as you sit back and watch your characters cleave and fling spells at your enemies. There is quite abit of gore though, which of course being a dragon age game it was expected. Thankfully there is a option to turn off the blood effects. The icons and tooltips for your character screen and skills are very similar to Dragon Age origins. So if you’ve already played the main game you’ll find it easy to navigate the interface.

Soundwise, you wont find any voice acting and the background music is rather doomy and underbeat. I found myself just turning off the music in the options screen. The spell effects and other audio effects are fine and while they arnt fantastic they are satisfying and help to immerse yourself in the game. I did find the background noise for Orzammer to be very hectic and overdone. But thankfully, the games options allows you to turn off or lower any of the audio and sound issues you might have with the game.

Another interesting tidbit about the game, earning achievements in the game will unlock new items which you can later use in Dragon Age: Origins. Like the Helm of the Deep, and Embri’s many pockets. While none are anywhere game breaking or all-powerful. But, If your obsessed with achievements or want to collect every piece of DLC for Dragon Age. Then click here to begin your journey into the deep! Or here at Krongregate.

So lets some scores!

Gameplay – 70/100 – Plenty of action and fun to be had.

Graphics – 75/100 – Slightly cartoonish but dark and in theme with the main games.

Story – 75/100 – Good but nothing exciting.

Sound – 68/100 – Some parts are nice others need to be turned off.

Total Score: 72/100

Final Say – For a Flash game and one that is tied to a triple A video game. It’s not bad at all. Definitely worth messing around with and even completing for those DLC awards.


Note: to save you’ll need to create a EA account if you don’t already have one.

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