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Windosill: Review

Hey Gamers,

I have a review for a Indie game to share with you today. If you just want a simple score go ahead and scroll to the bottom. This was a rather artsy indie game that I wasn’t very impressed with, a game isn’t a game without some real gameplay. Yet, it does have style and is very creative. So, it will appeal to some.

The indie genre has been experiencing a fairly large revival thanks to downloadable game services such as Steam, Gamersgate, Direct2Drive, and Impluse. But are all indie games worth playing. Or for that matter worth spending your money on? Well lets find out, starting with the Indie game Windosill.

Windosill describes itself as a dream like world filled with impossible wonders. Where you will explore 10 different immersive levels, interacting with dozens of physics based objects and solve brain tickling puzzles. But do we? No, not really. It’s true there are 10 different levels to play. The immersion will of course vary from person to person. But for me, it wasn’t more than look I can tug on this and it will spin. Yay?! Hmmm, While physics does play a important part of the levels and for that matter the “Brain Tickling Puzzles” its really the only feature the game makes use of or can truly claim.

The puzzles can in some cases barely be considered puzzles. As some levels require you to only click multiple times until the required cube plops down so you can move on to the next level. How that can be considered a puzzle, is a puzzle in itself. Each level is unique but don’t expect much variety in the puzzles as your only task is to find a small cube that is necessary to open the door to the next level.

Time wise, unless your terrible with any sort of puzzle. This game shouldn’t take you much longer than one hour to playthrough. So, unless you enjoyed the artistic feel and levels quite abit the first time you’ll find no reason to play through it again. But it will leave you wanting more if you enjoyed the artistic feel of the game.

Now, you might be asking yourself? Well, if that’s all there is to game why should I buy it? Well, if your looking to waste alittle time say thirty minutes to a hour. Or, you want a quick sense of accomplishment by finishing a new game. Then it might be worth picking up. As the game is only $3.00′s currently.

As for myself, had the game been roughly three times longer. With some real challenging puzzles. Something that perhaps made use of the fact that I could travel back through the levels if only to mess with the physics and look around. Perhaps new puzzles entirely where I needed to do more than one task to open the door. Then I could see it selling decently, maybe even at $5.00 dollars. If you are interested in playing Windosill, I recommend you check out the Demo here. At the developers website. If you love the demo, then the $3.00′s for the full game will be well worth it to you.

While it is nice to see the Indie market growing. I believe windosill is in desperate need of more content regardless of the low price tag. I also don’t believe small flash based games like these should really be in the pay area of the gaming industry. Perhaps the developer should consider just making three or four short games like Windosill and releasing them in a compilation package for the same price rather than individually. I believe it would be received much better. As the games main problem is its length. Its much too short even for its price.

In conclusion, I give Windosill a 55 out of 100. But, I recommend you try the demo out. Maybe it’s your kind of game.

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