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The Phenomenon Of Minecraft

Hey Gamers,

Ever heard of Minecraft? I bet you have, this indie game is a mainstream sensation that has swept the gaming world and even turned non gamers into gamers. All due to the sandbox gameplay.

Minecraft is the brain child of Notch, a Swedish man who has worked on projects such as Wurm Online. Notch’s inspiration for minecraft was the puzzle game Infiniminer where the goal was to retrieve different colored ore blocks with robots and return them to the surface. But most players found they enjoyed building things with the blocks rather than actually returning them to the surface for points.

Notch ran with the idea of creating a game based purely on crafting your own world out of blocks using a similar voxel engine to Infiniminer. In the beginning minecraft was just another obscure indie game and to encourage sales Notch promised that all those that purchased the alpha version would receive lifetime updates for the game including all expansions and DLC that may come out in the future. This offer coupled with the lego like addictiveness of minecraft, made minecraft not only the most successful indie game yet, but made Notch himself a millionaire.

Now that you know alittle about the history of minecraft, why is it so fun and addicting? It has what many have coined as the “lego” effect. Where the simple pleasure of using your creativity to build and construct worlds out of the bricks and items around you can bring endless amusement.

While minecraft is not the only game to employ this style of sandbox gameplay (see games like Roblox and Blockland) It is definitely the most successful and has spurred a new generation of gamers by being fully compatible with MAC systems where as most computer games are built only for the windows platform.

Minecraft has become so iconic now that it has not only created its own set of internet memes via ingame monsters such as creepers and the new endermen. It has also created the internet youtube stars the Yogscast. These two gamers Lewis and Simon, originally were big time world of warcraft players that on whim gave Minecraft a play. Finding they both enjoyed the game immensely as well as the internet enjoying their video game antics created their own minecraft video series chronically their adventures in the world of minecraftia. The yogscast have helped to propel minecraft to even greater heights by showing all the great puzzle maps and fun you can have playing minecraft with your friends.

You can find out more about Minecraft, Notch, and the Yogscast and their respective links below.

Official Minecraft Site

Notch’s Tumblr

Yogscast Youtube Page

That, ladies and gentlemen is the phenomenon of Minecraft. What do you think of this popular indie game?

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