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Scribblenauts – Review

Hello Readers!

Here’s another game review. This time for the Nintendo DS. I actually like playing lots of handheld games. I have a massive library of games for the; Gameboy, Sega Gamegear, Gameboy Advanced, Nintendo DS, and the Sony PSP. I plan on sharing all of them with you one day.

This review is for a game called Scribblenauts as you can guess from the title. It pretty interesting for a puzzle game. It makes pretty good use of the stylus. But I was fairly impressed overall. But it does get old. Keep reading for more.

Hmmm, I wonder what you get when you combine a Raptor with a monocole….. Oh, that makes sense. A philsoraptor…. Sweet…

Now what if I combine….


Scribblenauts, a interesting purely nonsensical game for the Nintendo DS. Developed by 5th Cell games. And by nonsensical I mean it. Story? What Story? There is no princess waiting for you in another castle after you collect all the starites.

Your just collecting starites because, well, you can. Your task is to guide Max along a multitude of different worlds either solving simple quest/puzzles by taking a small hint and creating the required items to unlock the stairte. Or by solving action themed puzzles, in which your task is to merely find and grab the starite. Sometimes the starite is frozen in a hunk of ice and you can either use a flamethrower to melt the ice or a bomb to break it free, just about anything really. How you solve the puzzle is completely up to you.

At first glance, Scribblenauts seems like a wondrous scribbly world. That will amuse you forever. But, its not. After a few hours the limited dictionary and repetitive nature of the puzzles will begin to wear down on you. That’s not to say you can’t still amuse yourself considering you have a great imagination. But even watching God wearing sunglasses riding a skateboard while wielding a shotgun against Cthulu can eventually become tiresome. Not yet, but eventually.

I’m at a loss as to weather I should recommend scribblenauts. It really can be quite amusing, just like littlebigplanet can be. But you enjoy it just as easily by watching videos off of youtube, of what other people have slapped together and created in the game. So, unless you enjoy mostly simple puzzles that have a great multitude of ways to solve them. Some limited only by your imagination others by the limited dictionary. Then its worth buying right now. If not, wait until it hits the bargain bin or just enjoy the videos on youtube.

Gameplay: 75/100 -Wonky controls requiring stylus for movement, limited dictionary with odd term usage.

Graphics: 70/100 – Interesting design, but sometimes hard to see what your doing.

Sound: 65/100 – Nothing spectacular or catchy.

Total Score: 73/100 – Love puzzles? Great imagination? Easily Amused? Buy it!


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