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BATTLETECH: Mechwarrior – Kickstarter

Hey Gamers,

Today I have another kickstarter for you. Right now Harebrained Schemes is kickstarting a new game. This is a rebirth of the Battletech or as some of us know it as the Mechwarrior game series.

When I first heard that Harebrained Schemes makers of the fantastic Shadowrun Returns series. Was making a new Mechwarrior game. I was really excited. See mechwarrior is part of the Battletech game series. Which is mostly miniatujres on a board. But they came out with a few games. Most notable was Mech Warrior 2.


Now that kickstarter has proven to really work for Harebrained Schemes. They are once again sharing their game ideas and visions with us. And so far, people are really liking what they see and hear from Harebrained schemes. What with the game already smashing through it requested funds and well over a million dollars at the time of this article.

Now, Harebrained Schemes vision for Battletech is to not only creBATTLETECH Noble Housesate a skirmish game, but to add a lengthy single player campaign where you are a mercenary for one of the great noble houses that exist in the Battletech universe. And now that the single player part of the kickstarter has been unlocked. They are offering us cutscenes and even origin stories for the single player part of the game.

Finally if the funding is secured, they plan on adding a PVP and multiplayer system to the game. I’m sure they will meet and exceed this funding goal. Now, check the link below for the kickstarter page and for the official site of Harebrained schemes.



Harebrained Schemes Official BATTLTECH Site


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