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Cloud Imperium Games: Star Citizen – Is closing down?

Hey Gamers,

Today we will be talking about the current buzz and scandal about Cloud Imperium Games (makers of Star Citizen) closing down. Well, to save you a read. No they’re not closing down. But go ahead and keep reading for all the juicey details about what brought this all about.

As you may know, Star Citizen is a indie and kickstarter funded video game project. It was all set in order by Chris Roberts, original developer of the Wing Commander series. Well, he started Cloud Imperium Games to make the sci fi game of his and many of ours dreams. Gathering over 90 million dollars as of this post the team at Cloud Imperium Games has been very slowly releasing the game to its backers.

So far, we have the starfighter module, which allows dogfighting and racing. Then we have the social module, this shows off the basic workings of the MMO part of the game. Which is kindly referred to as the Persistent universe. Finally they are closing in on a big release for the Star Marine module. This will bring the backers a load of new FPS content. Yet with all of this, the game has missed its initial deadline for the main parts of the game. Robert’s rebuttal is that now that the size of the game has been increased thanks to the large amount of money the game has received. That the deadlines and goals have to be realistically pushed back.

With that aside, a small be growing number of backers are now asking for their donations back. Stating that they no longer believe that CIG and Roberts can deliver on the game he promised them. This has escalated to a article on The Escapist a video game website. The Escapist claims to have interviewed ex CIG developers and employees. They all claim that Roberts is a tyrant and delusional if he thinks the game can be actually created. This viscous attack on Roberts brought about a official reply to the interview. There were also numerous follow ups to confirm that CIG was not closing down and that Star Citizen will be made. Roberts has even announced that the squadron 42 or singleplayer aspect of Star Citizen is being worked on and will be revealed soon.

Personally, as backer of Star Citizen. I have to make the judgement as to whether I can trust Roberts and wait on the delivery of the game. Or if I should believe these attacks on Roberts and ask for a refund. And my judgement is that I will continue to support Star Citizen. After overlooking all the complaints and and accusations levied against CIG. I just don’t believe that Roberts is going to let Star Citizen fail. As it is, if people submit a ticket to their support site. They will give you a refund. So if you are worried or want to get out. Now is the time to do so.


You can read Roberts letters and the Escapists Interview below.

Escapist Article 1

Escapist Article 2

Robert’s (CIG)s reply

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