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Champion of the Gods – Review

Hey Gamers,

Today I will be reviewing the Interactive Novel, Champion of the Gods. While short this is a enjoyable romp through a Hellenic inspired world where you are destined to fight for or against the gods.

Lets start with a quick overview straight from the creators mouth.


In the battle to save your people, will you defy the gods? In an ancient world where myth is reality and fate is relentless, your destiny will lead you to secrets no mortal should ever know.

Champion of the Gods is a thrilling 217,000-word interactive novel by Jonathan Valuckas, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

As you fight your way through a harsh landscape inspired by Greek myth, you’ll challenge monsters, soldiers, and even gods. Win allies with your humility, your haughtiness, or your powers of deception. Enjoy gifts from the gods, or refuse them all and face the consequences.

Will you earn favor from the goddess of love, or make the god of war your protector? Can you escape a watery death without divine intervention? And when you finally learn the truth of your destiny, will you overthrow the ones who made you, or will you become the Champion of the Gods?


For my part, I enjoyed the story as a small time hero becoming the official champion of the Gods. I fell in love more than once and fought more than a few monsters. As with most of the “Choice of Games” games you’ll find it without any graphics for sound. But the interface and the story makes more than up for it.

The plot of Champion of the Gods. Started me off as a child of the local captain of the guard in a small town. From there I was gifted with destiny from the weavers. This allowed me to choose godly powers such as strength, resilience, and speed. With those powers I was able to carve a path towards my destiny. Of course you could also use those powers to resist your destiny and oppose the Gods.

For my part, I aided and served the gods. Even though as the God of Chaos will tell you, you are giving up your freedom by being a “slave” to the cords of destiny. Either way the story while short was very enjoyable and made me wanting more and to continue my adventure in the lands of the east. But we’ll have to wait for the creator Johnathan Valuckas to get around to continuing the story. Until then, it’s worth replaying a few times to really engross yourself into the world and its story. And of course there are the numerous achievements you can collect by simply finding new ways to advance the story.


Now for some scores:

Gameplay: 50/100 -Simple multiple choice and input for names system.

Graphics: 50/100 – No pictures and only a basic user interface for choices and stats.

Sound: 50/100 – No sound at all. N/A

Story: 100/100 – A choose your own adventure novel. Huge Options and engrossing story for any fan of the Greek or Hellenic period.

Total Score: 60/100 – Love to read? Love myths? Want to play a interactive novel where you can fight the forces of destiny and either aid or destroy the gods? If so buy it!

You can purchase Champion of the Gods on Steam and numerous mobile platforms such as IOS and Android.

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