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Diabolical – Review

Hey Gamers,

Today I will be reviewing the Interactive Novel Diabolical. This is another Interactive Novel in Choicescript by Choice of Games. Diabolical is a fun romp as you play a Supervillain bent on well, anything evil really. Afterall you make your own story in this novel.

Now lets have a quick look at the games overview from its creator Nick Aires.


Start practicing your evil laugh! As the world’s greatest criminal mastermind, choose a lair, hire a minion, and steal the world’s largest ball of aluminum foil! (Or, destroy the world. FINE.) 

“Diabolical” is a 130,000-word interactive novel by Nick Aires, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. 

Famous, feared, or filthy rich—why not all three? You’ve got the money and the motives to build an evil empire worthy of the most ruthless villain the world has ever seen. Crush the good guys and terrorize the populace! Stamp a big red “FAIL” on your enemies’ foreheads! Plunder your way to world domination – or sit back and pet your kitty while your henchmen do it for you. 

Will you be a high-tech daredevil, a ruthless military soldier, or an apparition terrifying to behold? What calling card will you leave at the scene of your crimes? Whatever your choices, the results will be diabolical. 

  • Play a villainous story of scheming, grandstanding, and laughing evilly. 
  • Interview and hire the best possible (or best available) minion. 
  • Decide when to use trickery, when to use force, and when to hide behind henchmen. 
  • Choose the ultimate, guaranteed-to-be-infamous nickname. 
  • Play as male or female.
  • Destroy the world!


As you can see, its a real wacky game where you fight against superheros and compete against other super villains for supremacy in the underworld. I found myself having a blast as I created my own minion army and robbed banks, museums, and eventually even the famous fort klanx the gold repository for the US. Along the way I did make a few enemies such as the superhero and anti villain task force. V.A.N.G.U.A.R.D and other villains trying to steal my spotlight.

Overall, Id say the game is quite fun but short. There is plenty of comical situation and exposition, I feel like the writer Nick Aires has a really great sense of humor and I look forward to more novels by him.

Now for some scores:

Gameplay: 50/100 -Simple multiple choice and input for names system.

Graphics: 50/100 – No pictures and only a basic user interface for choices and stats.

Sound: 50/100 – No sound at all. N/A

Story: 100/100 – A choose your own adventure novel. Huge Options and engrossing story for any Superhero and Supervillain fan.

Total Score: 60/100 – Love to read? Love Superheros and Supervillains? Want to play a interactive novel where you can do a ton of villainous and evil actions against the world? If so buy it!

You can purchase Diabolical at Steam and mobile platforms such as IOS and Android.

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