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Anno 2070 – It always Equals 9

Hey Readers,

How is everyone today? I figured I would compile some information on another upcoming game that I’m looking forward to playing. I’ve always been a big fan of the Anno series from 1503 onwards. And it looks like Anno is finally ready to leave the Pirate and Renaissance era and head into the near future with Anno 2070. Keep reading for more screenshots and videos.

Now from the ANNO 2070 Screenshot 1look of it, its going to be something of a environmental game. So it might come across as alittle preachy in trying to show you how industrialization is polluting the world and how only clean energy like wind and solar can save our planet. But its still a Anno game so its really about carefully constructing a settlement and managing it efficiently with limited resources and space. So I’ll ignore its political message and just enjoy the game for what it is. After all I’ve seen the climategate emails, I dont buy half of that stuff.


So for those who are unfamiliar with the earlier Anno games. You are simply tasked with building a colony or settlement and building it up into a prosperous city using what resources and space you have avaliable. Its sort of Sim City meets Stronghold. As there are military and combat features in the game allowing you to conquer your enemies rather than just outlast them resource wise. Sadly there are no insurance policy’s when your opponent destroys your fleet. Or your Dam is destroyed. With the new future Anno, It will no longer be about Galleons and Frigates on the high seas or Pikemen and Musketeers at your enemies city walls. ButANNO 2070 Screenshot 2 I dont mind, It still looks like they will stay true to the Anno game play even with removing its long standing setting.

Official Anno Series Site here:

List of Anno games in order of release: Anno: 1503, Anno: 1602, Anno: 1701, Anno: 1404, and now finally Anno 2070. Can you see the pattern? Hint in the title.


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