Suikoden II: Game OST – Opening theme

Hey Readers, Today’s Video Game Original Soundtrack is Suikoden 2’s opening theme, enjoy. More »

Battle for Wesnoth: Overview

Hey Gamers, Today I want to tell you about a great free game called. The battle for wesnoth, this game is a turn based strategy pc game. With heavy lord of the More »

Kenshi – First Impressions

Howdy Gamers! Today I will be giving you my first impressions of Kenshi. Fresh out of early access and available now on Steam and GOG. More »

Fallout New Orleans?

Hey everyone! Today I will be talking about the possibility of a new Fallout game. Keep reading for more info! More »

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone, Happy new year, that’s right its officially 2016. So welcome and be joyful as we bring in this new year together. More »


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Super Mario Brothers: The Movie – Review

Hey Gamers,

Today I have written a synopsis and overall review for the movie “Super Mario Brothers Movie” which is a movie based of the Super Mario Brothers video game series. If you’d just like my final say on the movie scroll to the bottom. Otherwise, keep reading for more info.

Hulu no longer Free?

Hey Gamers,

It looks like Hulu’s co-parent Newscorp may soon seek to end Hulu’s free viewership and replace it with a premium fee based system.