Suikoden II: Game OST – Opening theme

Hey Readers, Today’s Video Game Original Soundtrack is Suikoden 2’s opening theme, enjoy. More »

Battle for Wesnoth: Overview

Hey Gamers, Today I want to tell you about a great free game called. The battle for wesnoth, this game is a turn based strategy pc game. With heavy lord of the More »

Kenshi – First Impressions

Howdy Gamers! Today I will be giving you my first impressions of Kenshi. Fresh out of early access and available now on Steam and GOG. More »

Fallout New Orleans?

Hey everyone! Today I will be talking about the possibility of a new Fallout game. Keep reading for more info! More »

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone, Happy new year, that’s right its officially 2016. So welcome and be joyful as we bring in this new year together. More »


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Zelda: Twilight Princess – Hyrule Field – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Today we will be listening to Hyrule Field a song of epic adventure that is found in Zelda: Twilight Princess. This song plays while you journey through the plains of Hyrule Field around Princess Zelda’s Castle.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King – Warcry – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Today we will be listening to the main battle music from Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. I really enjoyed playing Dragon Quest VIII, especially getting the bonus and true ending. Warcry is the music you mostly hear while in the combat/battle mode.

Castlevania: Vampire Killer – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Today’s video game music is Vampire Killer from Castlevania’s Symphony of Night. Technically there are many versions of Vampire Killer but I find Symphony of Night’s to be the best. Especially the original playstation version. Out of all the oldschool castlevania’s, I enjoyed Symphony of the night the most. I may have had to play a vampire instead of a Belmont this time, but it was some wicked fun.

Final Fantasy X: Besaid – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Here is another great video game ost, this one is from the jrpg Final Fantasy 10.  It’s the background music played while in the town of besaid, I love the beat and its very calming to me. I wasn’t a big fan of FFX’s storyline but its battle system was great. Listening to this ost reminds me of all those random battles, good fun. I hope you enjoy it!

Z.O.E The 2nd Runner: Beyond the Bounds – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Here is today’s video game music from Zone of Enders: The 2nd Runner. ZOE is a very fast paced mech style game. I had alot of fun playing ZOE, beating it on extreme mode was very satisfying.

Skies of Arcadia: Kingdom of Ixa’taka – Game OST

Hello Gamers,

Here is another classic JRPG video game ost. It’s from Skies of Arcadia, a great game in my opinion. I played it on both the dreamcast and the slightly updated port on the gamecube. Listening to this song brings me back to my days as a Sky Pirate, I wish the game would have never ended.

Persona 3: Opening Theme/Burn My Dread – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Today’s Video game music is from Persona 3 for the PS2. I really enjoyed playing Persona 3, it was a epic grind fest, and the amount of combinations for unlocking new tarot cards and summons was alot of fun. This song is the opening theme called Burn my Dread, it really gets me pumped even with the engrish. For some reason Atlus just had the original Japanese vocalists sing it again in English. But, even the best singers cannot pronounce a foreign language perfectly.

Persona 4: Reach out to the Truth – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Here is another game ost from Persona 4, titled “Reach out to the Truth” this is the opening battle theme or background music during the majority of fights. At first I really enjoyed the beat, but constantly hearing it every time I had to fight did get a little old.

Persona 4: Pursuing My True Self/Opening theme – Game OST

Hello Gamers,

Today I have another game ost for you. This one is the opening theme for Persona 4 titled “Pursuing my True Self”. I have also included the lyrics below, from now on If possible I will find or transcribe the lyrics and include them on the page.

Skyrim – Main Theme (Dovahkiin/Dragonborn) – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Today we have the main theme from the fantastic game Skyrim. Skyrim is part of The Elder Scrolls series, when skyrim came out it was a big hit with just about everyone. It gave us a massive sandbox to play in with a large amount of choices and excellent combat. Sadly it did take and strip away more of the series RPG elements, when it came to stats and other character information.