Suikoden II: Game OST – Opening theme

Hey Readers, Today’s Video Game Original Soundtrack is Suikoden 2’s opening theme, enjoy. More »

Battle for Wesnoth: Overview

Hey Gamers, Today I want to tell you about a great free game called. The battle for wesnoth, this game is a turn based strategy pc game. With heavy lord of the More »

Kenshi – First Impressions

Howdy Gamers! Today I will be giving you my first impressions of Kenshi. Fresh out of early access and available now on Steam and GOG. More »

Fallout New Orleans?

Hey everyone! Today I will be talking about the possibility of a new Fallout game. Keep reading for more info! More »

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone, Happy new year, that’s right its officially 2016. So welcome and be joyful as we bring in this new year together. More »


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Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword – Review

Hey Gamers,

Today we’ll be reviewing the warband mod turned into DLC for Mount and Blade, called Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword. This DLC is set in and based on a cult novel based on the same name. Here you are given a chance to fight for one of the eastern European powers at the time. Keep reading for more!

From Dust – Review

Hi Gamers,

Today, I will be reviewing From Dust. A god game from the mind of Eric Chahi.  If you’d just like a simple score, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of the page. Now lets begin.

Dark Souls – Review

Hey Gamers,

I have another indie game review for you today. This one is a JRPG called Dark Souls. If you just want a simple score scroll to the bottom. Otherwise keep reading for my impressions.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete – Review

Hey Gamers,

Today I’ll be reviewing the classic JRPG, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the original playstation. Lunar is a real classic, made during one of the “Golden Era’s” of video game production. Many view Lunar as the arch typical of JRPG game design. I personally view Lunar as a wonderful classic. I played it multiple times in my childhood. I spent weeks trying to find all the Easter eggs and hoping I could continue my adventures once the game was almost over.

Space Station 13 – Review

Hey Gamers,

As we have already covered the gaming service BYOND. I thought I would take the time to point out some of the greater and more interesting games that are available to be played for free on the gaming service.

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War: Dark Crusade – Review

Hello Gamers,

Today I have my review for Relic’s RTS, Warhammer 40k: Dark Crusade. As some of you may know, Warhammer 40k is the favorite child of Game Workshop. Lets start by first going over Game Workshops info about the Dark Crusade. Games workshop obviously allowed Relic to license the game not once but multiple times. As the Dark Crusade is the third installment of the Dawn of War Warhammer 40k series on PC.

Fallout Shelter – Mobile/IOS Android – Review

Hey Gamers,

While we are waiting for Fallout 4. Bethesda has decided to release a freemium mobile game based on Fallout. In this game you take on the role of a Vault Overseer, where you are put in charge of the vault. Your responsibility is to maintain and keep your vault safe from the hazards of the wasteland. The game seems rather simple, but has alot of that post apocalypse charm that fallout has. I spent a good part of the day playing and expanding my vault. So, the game can last quite awhile if you want it too.

Crysis – Review

Hey Gamers,

Today I will be reviewing the original Crysis for the PC. In my review I will go over the basics of the game and my time playing it. The experiences I had and as usual wrap everything up with a score and a recommendation whether you should or should not give this FPS a try. If you’d like to skip all the details just go ahead and scroll to the bottom for my final score.