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Suikoden – Review

Hello Gamers,

Today I have another JRPG review for you. If you are interested in a simple score go ahead and scroll down to the bottom, otherwise keep reading for my detailed thoughts on the overall game.

Dark Souls – Review

Hey Gamers,

I have another indie game review for you today. This one is a JRPG called Dark Souls. If you just want a simple score scroll to the bottom. Otherwise keep reading for my impressions.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete – Review

Hey Gamers,

Today I’ll be reviewing the classic JRPG, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the original playstation. Lunar is a real classic, made during one of the “Golden Era’s” of video game production. Many view Lunar as the arch typical of JRPG game design. I personally view Lunar as a wonderful classic. I played it multiple times in my childhood. I spent weeks trying to find all the Easter eggs and hoping I could continue my adventures once the game was almost over.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete: Wings/Opening Theme – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Today’s video game music is the opening theme for Lunar the silver star story complete. The song is titled “wings”. This song is a rush of nostalgia and I really enjoy hearing it again.

Game OST: Parasite Eve – Primal Eyes

Hey Gamers,
Here is today’s video game music, This is from the PS1 game Parasite Eve. Which was a great survival Horror Game. I really enjoyed the interesting twists to the storyline as well as the gameplay element which was a mix of action and RPG. At the time it was very unique in that instead of the traditional swords and spells, you used modern weapons. Enjoy!