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Minecraft Mods: John Smith Texture Pack – Info

Hello Gamers,

Today I have compiled info and pictures on the John Smith Texture pack for minecraft. This is my favorite texture pack and the one I use when playing minecraft. I love its old world feel and yet it reminds me of zelda and over great classic games without being too 8-bit. As a bonus it does come with a customizer tool, so you can add and change things with other texture packs to create that prefect look or feeling for your world.

Skyrim – Main Theme (Dovahkiin/Dragonborn) – Game OST

Hey Gamers,

Today we have the main theme from the fantastic game Skyrim. Skyrim is part of The Elder Scrolls series, when skyrim came out it was a big hit with just about everyone. It gave us a massive sandbox to play in with a large amount of choices and excellent combat. Sadly it did take and strip away more of the series RPG elements, when it came to stats and other character information.

Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword – Review

Hey Gamers,

Today we’ll be reviewing the warband mod turned into DLC for Mount and Blade, called Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword. This DLC is set in and based on a cult novel based on the same name. Here you are given a chance to fight for one of the eastern European powers at the time. Keep reading for more!

Mount and Blade: Warband – Battle Sizer – Mod

Hey Gamers,

Today I’ll be presenting to you a wonderful and fantastic modding tool for Mount and Blade: Warband. Keep reading!

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord – Teasers

Hey Gamers!

Incase you didn’t know, there is a new Mount and Blade game on the way. It also looks like from the images and videos I’ve collected for all of you, that the game is well on its way to release. Personally I cant wait as I’ve immensely enjoyed Warband. I have played numerous sessions of the original as well as many of the fantastic mods you can play such as, Prophesy of Pendor, 1257 AD, Brytenwalda(Later became Viking Conquest DLC), Warsword Conquest, L’aigle, Floris Mod Pack, Persino, and Gekokujo.