Super Mario Brothers: The Movie – Review

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Today I have written a synopsis and overall review for the movie “Super Mario Brothers Movie” which is a movie based of the Super Mario Brothers video game series. If you’d just like my final say on the movie scroll to the bottom. Otherwise, keep reading for more info.

The Super Mario Brothers Movie takes, Luigi, Mario, Princess Daisy (no peach here), Toad and even Yoshi to the live action world of movies. Where dinosaurs have evolved and still exist, just in a parallel dimension that is somehow connected to ours.

Cast wise we have Bob Hoskins as Mario mario, John Leguizamo as Luigi mario, Samantha Mathis as Princess Daisy, Mojo Nixon as Toad and Dennis Hopper as King Koopa.

That’s not a bad cast assembled there, infact I find Dennis Hopper to be a rather fine actor and I enjoyed his performance in Water World and Apocalypse Now. Bob Hoskins as Mario is somewhat odd as its a British man playing a Italian, yet his performance in Who Farmed Roger Rabbit was good. Yet when combined together with a rather horrible envisioning of the Super Mario Brothers for the silver screen. I have to say this movie is a rather big flop.

Mario and Luigi - Super Mario Brothers Movie

Understand, its not a bad movie entirely. It has its moments and its a 80s movie for sure. But it strays far from the basic premise and understanding that is the Super Mario Brothers video game series and its obvious the studio expected the Nintendo name and characters to sell tickets rather than the script.

-Spoilers Below-

In the movie we find that Mario mario and Luigi mario, known colloquially as the Mario Brothers. Down on there luck in Brooklyn as they are looking for more plumbing work. As the story unfolds the brothers encounter a girl named Daisy who is a archaeologist working at a site in the middle of Brooklyn. Daisy is being hassled by the local mob boss Scapelli who also owns a plumbing business that is often stealing the Mario Brothers work.

Suddenly the story takes a turn and Daisy is kidnapped by Spike and Iggy two goomba thugs that have crossed into our world and Luigi who has fallen for Daisy chases after. Reluctantly Mario chases after his brother to help him. The Mario brothers finding themselves in this parallel dimension surrounded by dinosaurs and half dinosaur/human hybrids attempting to find daisy only to be captured by the dinosaur police for the crime of being plumbers.

After a short stay in a prison cell (literally a dog cage) Toad informs them of this worlds history and they are whisked away into a office to talk with a King Koopa masquerading as a good Samaritan lawyer. This masquerade is short lived as Koopa becomes enraged with the plumbers.

The Mario Brothers then attempt and succeed in escaping from the Prison. A dramatic car chase scene occurs and suddenly the plot advances. The story continues on with the Mario Brothers finding themselves lost in the desert and heading back to battle King/General Koopa and rescue Daisy from his nefarious clutches. There they encounter Yoshi which is the Royal Family’s pet Dinosaur and the Old King who was creating all the fungus in the city. Then the final confrontation with Koopa occurs wherein as you expect if you’ve ever played a Mario Game, you know Mario ends up succeeding in saving the princess by defeating King Koopa.

In the end, I find this movie works well with kids and only leaves older Mario Brothers fans disappointed and wondering what the directors and script writers were really trying to do with this movie. You can tell they did at least try and keep the theme and idea behind the game, even going so far as use many of the same names for enemies and items. Yet, it just falls flat on its face.

Official Rating: 55 out of 100

Recommended Viewing: If you have kids and want to share alittle of the magic that can be Nintendo and the Super Mario Brothers. This movie might go over well, otherwise I suggest avoiding it and just sticking with the games.

If my review wasn’t enough for you, head on over to the official IMDB page here for even more info about this movie.

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