Grand Theft Auto IV: iCEnhancer ENB Graphics Mod

Hey Gamers,

Today I wanted to share with you an amazing graphics mod for Grand Theft Auto 4. This mod allows you to dramatically improve the graphics of Grand Theft Auto IV to almost realistic levels. Infact, it looks better then what we’ve seen so far for Grand Theft Auto V.

I use this mod myself in compilation with numerous custom cars. The iCEnhancer makes every car and the environment as well look incredibly detailed and just walking around in the game now is a joy. Obviously if your computer can barely run Grand Theft Auto IV this mod will only make it worse. But if you can max out GTA IV. Then this mod will allow you to take the game to almost crysis 2 levels.

You can download the mod directly below, make sure to follow the instructions carefully on the readme. But its a fairly simple install and you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Keep scrolling down to see a gallery of enhanced screenshots and the official trailer. This mod really makes Liberty City look amazing and the cars just as sleek as can be.

Also, A big thank you to iCE La Glace the creator of this modification. You did not have to put all that time and effort into making GTA IV even better, but you did and thank you very much.


Grand Theft Auto IV iCEhance Mod


Note: This Mod is compatible with both the original GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City.

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