“Girl Gamers”

Hey Gamers,

Today I have another rant to share with you. As usual you will find these under “random thoughts” in the misc menu. This may come across as slightly sexist to those of the sensitive persuasion. In which case I advise you don’t even read it and just leave this page. Regardless, this is just my opinion and should only be treated as such.

Girl Gamers, nopeGirl Gamer 02 I don’t like them. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with girls playing video games in general. Its just the ones that make it seem like it something special and that they should receive extra attention for just playing a video game. Playing video games is nothing special, it is a hobby or past time one indulges in to entertain oneself. I’ll touch on the “pro” gamer aspect in another rant, but that’s what I consider gaming to be.

Most of the “girl gamers” I encounter are very attention seeking and needy, they want you to know they’re a girl so that you pay more attention to them. They love posting status updates on their facebook or whatever social media they use. That they are big into Call of Duty: Black OPs, or whatever game is currently the mainstream hit. Often they are quite bad at these games and barely even play them. Sometimes the pictures I see of them playing the games are hilarious, they hold the controller wrong or post a picture saying they are playing a certain game but the game shown is entirely different. Its both maddening and quite sad that they would be so needy, that they go out of there way to seek attention from video gamers.

Now, those are most of the “girl gamers” I have encountered, but I’ve also met a few that didn’t even want you to know they were a girl. As they hate getting extra attention and simply want to play the game and have fun. They do not want their entire lives dragged into the game and be harassed by desperate children that want to hear a girls voice. These girls I can actually respect, although the attempts to which they go to deny they’re a girl are rather extreme. I’ve met ones that actually claimed they were men and tried lowering their voGirl Gamer 03ice in a obvious way, it was more comical then anything.

What it boils down to is that we have too many needy and attention seeking people in both sexes that are trying to use video games a medium to fill this hole in their lives. By doing so, they ruin the game for those that simply want to play the game. Is there a solution to this mess? Well, its obvious by now that people simply wont stop seeking attention for every single thing they do. Give some of these people a mountain and a megaphone and they will never stop shouting. There have been attempts by many gaming groups to exclude and force out those “girl gamers” that often seek to scam or use their female charms to get extra items and gold in MMOs or simply make too much out of just playing a video game.

This like always, has led to more and more private servers for video games that still allow custom servers. As there are many that simply do not want to play video games with the majority of gamers anymore. They want to play with a mature mindset and that type of gamer can be hard to find in a public server.

I for one, barely play on public servers anymore, from the crying and screaming of underage kids who technically shouldn’t be able to play the game. To the “girl gamers” that want you to worship them just because they’re a girl that plays video games. I suppose, its one of the reasons why I mostly play single player games now. Its become too bothersome to find a good online game that you can actually just enjoy.

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