KOTOR 2: Restoration Project – Mod

Hey Gamers,

If you have ever played Knights of the Old Republic 2. You may have come away alittle disappointed due to the lack of real endings and numerous glitches. (especially on the PC version) But, did you know that’s not how obsidian intended to finish the game?

No really, Apparently the Publisher decided the game had to be out for a Christmas release no exceptions. This announcement apparently came late in the development of the game. So Obsidian scrambled to wrap as much of the game up as possible for the sudden release since the Publisher refused to allocate more time for the games development.

But lucky for us (PC Owners) a team of dedicated modders and real game developers have been slaving away for the past few years to restore all the missing contKOTOR 2 Darth Gameplay 01ent (about half the game) so that KOTOR 2 can be played like it was originally intended.

Originally there were two teams working on restoring KOTOR 2. One was Team Gizka which fell apart and was abandoned, the other by Zbyl2 and DarthStoney made great progress and released their TSL for us all to enjoy.

You’ll also be happy to hear that some of the originally cut VO dialogue was included in the disc so you wont have to sit through just text, for this restoration project. You can pick up and read more about the project at the links below. It’s apparently now just entered “Open Beta” and more or less complete. So now would be a good time to reinstall or maybe pick up Kotor 2 for cheap on amazon or steam.

You can download the mod via steams community or at the moddb link below.

TSL Restored Content Mod

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