Minecraft Mods: John Smith Texture Pack – Info

Hello Gamers,

Today I have compiled info and pictures on the John Smith Texture pack for minecraft. This is my favorite texture pack and the one I use when playing minecraft. I love its old world feel and yet it reminds me of zelda and over great classic games without being too 8-bit. As a bonus it does come with a customizer tool, so you can add and change things with other texture packs to create that prefect look or feeling for your world.

I really enjoy exploring my world while using this texture pack. It also makes the cobblestone look good which in other texture packs can look rather ugly and not worth using when building. The wooden planks also have a great look to them. Overall this really is just my favorite texture pack and at 32×32 it works well on any system. If you’d care to read more about it or download it the official minecraft forum link is below.

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