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Hello Gamers,

I thought I would share with you some information about Fraps. A digital video recorder for your computer that works prefectly with most video games. Developed by a company named Beepa, Fraps was designed to work with games first and foremost, it has built in FPS (Frames per second) support and you can assign any hotkey you want for recording or screenshots. It is great for bench marking or for any real time video capture like screencasting.

It is also streamlined for ease of use, personally when recording for my youtube channel it is the only program I use. There are two versions a free version and a unlimited premium version. I got mine back when Fraps first came out at a bargain price. The cost seems to have increased, but its still worth the price.

Below are some screenshots of the interface, it is really quite simple and works prefectly with every game I have. But if you ever do have problems the technical/customer support is top notch and they can release a fix very quick. I have also included the few known limitations when working with Fraps just encase those might be of concern to you.

Fraps interface 01 Fraps Interface 02

The shareware/free version of Fraps is identical to the registered commercial version, except for an unremovable Fraps watermark at the top of every video, and a 30 second video length limit. Screenshots are not watermarked in the free version but can only be taken in the BMP format.

Due to Fraps not supporting AVI 2.0 opendml extensions (and using AVI 1.0 instead) the maximum clip size is about 3.9 GB regardless of the filesystem of the destination drive. Should the recorded clip exceed this limit it is automatically split into 2 (or more) separate files. The file split I find is the only real drawback if you are recording a very long movie, but since everything is edited and fixed in post production its no that big of a issue.

Frap’s is what alot of amateur and professional machinima video makers use to record their video game footage. If it works for them that should be reason enough to check it out. If this information incites you to make a purchase or you just want more info,  check out the main website below.

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