Is Kojima leaving Konami?

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Today we will be looking at the situation around Hideo Kojima creator of the Metal Gear Solid series and his removal from Konami. For those who want it short and sweet. Yes Kojima left, but why? That’s what we will be discussing so go ahead and keep reading.

To some this may be a surprise but Kojima is ending the metal gear solid series with the 5th installment “The Phantom Pain”. This may be partly because Konami is no longer interested in funding and producing large Triple AAA games. They are instead focusing on the mobile market. Stating that the mobile market is where the real money is.

Now, the problems between Kojima and Konami have been ongoing since March of this year. When Konami took all of Kojima’s name and his development studio off of the box art and art images related to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Many immediately thought this meant that Kojima had been fired. But it seems more like Konami did not only fire him. But was trying to erase his name and legacy from the series.

Now we finally have word that Kojima has left Konami and has also disbanded his studio. Does this mean that Kojima will never make another game? Well, its hard to say. He was working while he was still at Konami on a new Silent Hill game, but that was canceled as well. And since his studio Kojima Productions is no longer around. What is Kojima really going to do? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hideo Kojima With Metal Gear Solid

I personally, don’t think Hideo Kojima is going to retire and stop producing video games. Although his future roles might just be consultation rather then producing and developing. Click the links below for more of the story around this controversy.


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