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Today we will be reviewing Fallout 4 by Bethesda. This is the newest Fallout in the series and its quite good, not as good as Fallout: New Vegas. But still pretty good. Keep reading for the details.



Well, look at this. A new Fallout game, looks like Bethesda likes us. So what did they do with the newest fallout? Well, let see. For starters they’ve improved on the graphics. Which to me is a good thing, as the previous fallout’s graphics in the gamebyro engine were pretty ugly as far as I was concerned. Then they upgraded the standard crafting system we found in Fallout 3. Sadly they didn’t take some of the improvements that obsidian made in New Vegas, so its really not much of an improvement. Lastly, they gave us a new Fallout 4 Screenshot 01feature. We now can build and customize settlements/bases for our character and npcs loyal to you.

This new settlement feature is fantastic as it gives you much more reason to call the wasteland home and wanting to improve and help the local population survive in the post-apocalyptic world. With the settlement feature you can build whole settlements piece by piece. You can use metal or wood buildings to create whole new houses or barriers and guard posts. Then of course you can build improvements for your settlers like water pumps, power generators, and even jukeboxs and TVs. Lastly, you will be building defenses for all of your settlers so that they can stay safe and keep farming crops.

These crops can be gathered by you and used as a simple and cheap HP item. Or can be used in cooking and chem stations to create new items. And lastly it can be used as a quick way to earn some caps. You also have the option of opening up trading and vendor stalls for your settlers to use. By doing so you get a cut of the profits from sales and you can also use the stores for a quick way to purchase and sell goods.

Anyway, lets get to the gameplay. Fallout 4 behaves almost like the previous Bethesda titles where you use FPS with vats as your primary attack and viewing modes. The game boasts the standard arsenal of weapons with a few unique items for the local commonwealth. One of the more hyped elements of the gameplay is the power armor. Instead of having to join up with the Brotherhood of Steel and receive power armor training in the previous Fallout 3 and New Vegas. In Fallout 4 anyone can use Power Armor from the start. Even your companions can don the power armor you scavenge from the Wasteland. The one limiting factor they put in for the power armor is that instead of it having infinite energy and being able to give you enhanced strength and armor at all times. The new power armor instead uses Fusion Power Cores, these cores have a limited amount of energy so as you use the Power Armor you’ll be draining these cores constantly. But, you can find more cores as you scavenge the wasteland or purchase them from certain vendors.

As discussed above one of the nFallout 4 Craftingew gameplay features is the settlements. You’ll find yourself spending quite a few hours customizing your settlements and setting up supply routes so you can have quick access to your supplies regardless of what settlement your in. Now, these settlements cover the Commonwealth and you open up new locations for your settlements by completeing minuteman quests. That is pretty much it for new features and gameplay in general is just like in the previous Fallout 3 and New Vegas. So if you played either of those you’ll find yourself sinking right into the new game without any confusion.

Finally I want to end with this part of the gameplay. You see in previous fallout games you had a level cap. Well, not in fallout 4. But really, overall the leveling system has changed. No longer do you put skill points into categories to determine how effective you are. But instead of you select perks to give you advantages or put more points into your Stats. Eitherway it all plays well together as you need certain points in stats and a certain level to unlock certain perks which unlock customization features and upgrades for yourself and your companions.

Now lets discuss sound and music. In the previous fallouts use of 1920s to 1950s music was commonplace as well as having a local radio source to tune into for announcements about the progression of the story. Fallout 4 continues along these same routes. You’ll find early on two radio stations, one the diamond city radio is your main radio station like galaxy news in fallout 3. Diamond city radio has its own local dj just like threedog. So by tuning in you’ll be listening to some classic Americana music. You’ll also find another radio station that plays only classical music with no announcements or dj to comment on anything. So if you want to just relax while building your settlement. I suggest listening to the classical radio station.

Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor

Well, that covers the soundtrack and standard BGM. But what about the rest of the sound effects? Well, they’re pretty good. Your 10mm pistol sounds good and your laser musket sounds good. I found that I enjoyed the sound effects of the combat rifle the most. While I found the sound effects for the plasma rifle to be the worst, as it sounds like your flinging junk at your enemies. As for Voiceovers, the game really delivers. I found myself enjoying every characters accent and tone they used. But not only that, but in Fallout 4 you the main character now have a voice. I found the VO for both the male and female versions of the Sole Survivor(you) to be very good. Sadly, with VOs comes the limited dialogue trees as you can only expect so much dialogue to be recorded and used in every video game.

Graphics wise, as I discussed earlier they have made some improvements. So I found myself enjoying the sites of the wasteland more. But more importantly I could stand to stare at the characters and their faces. Where as before, things were so gritty and low res I mostly just stared at the dialogue trees. The graphic effects overall are good and you’ll enjoy some of the sites of the wasteland as you progress down the story. One of the few things I was disappointed with was the new models and looks of some of the weapons. For some reason Bethesda decided to redo the models for some of the weapons. Why? I don’t know, its not like your standard assault/combat rifle which is used by the US Military would change drastically between the capital wasteland and the commonwealth.

Finally lets get to the story. Oh boy, this one is a heck of story. You find yourself the sole survivor of vault 111. But unlike the previous vault dwellers. You’re not a descendant you are actually cyrogenetically frozen for over 200 years. Due to a power shortage you are unthawed and forced out into the commonwealths wasteland in a desperate search for your infant son who was also frozen and is now missing. The story will take you all over what used to be Boston and its surrounding commonwealth. Along the way you’ll be given the option of joining up with the locals who call themselves the minutemen and fight to make the commonwealth safer for the worlFallout 4 Preston Companionds survivors. You can also join up with the Brotherhood of Steel alittle later down the story. But you can also align yourself with synthetic androids. As for the droids, this ties into where you son went missing. See, he was captured by the “institute” which is what remains of the CIT the world famous college for inventors.

You’ll find there are two factions in the institute. One is where they want to use the androids to elevate humanity to a new level. While the androids themselves are going rogue and trying to escape from the clutches of the Institute who seek only to use them as Tools. Along with the BOS and the Minutemen you’ll find you have four faction of which you can align yourself. But you can also try and make peace between a few of them and work together to either destroy the Institute or further empower and make the Institute a real force to be reckoned with in the commonwealth. Overall I found the story to be very enjoyable and the side quests and faction quests to be alot of fun. You are also given the option to repeat certain quests such as clearing out raider strongholds or gathering lost technology for the Brotherhood of Steel.



Fallout 4 Screenshot 02

Now for some scores:

Gameplay: 85/100 – Classic FPS action in a Post-Apocalyptic setting.

Graphics: 80/100 – Great views of the wasteland and characters are a pleasure to watch.

Sound: 84/100 – Good soundtrack overall and great VO work.

Story: 90/100 – Standard Fallout fair, but with a interesting twist at the end of the main storyline.

Total Score: 85/100 – Loved the previous Fallouts? Love Post-Apocalyptic Games? Want a intense FPS with a great storyline? Then you want Fallout 4!

I hope you enjoyed my review of Fallout 4. You can visit the main site below and you can purchase Fallout 4 at Steam, Gamersgate, and your local store.


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