Universal Nutrition/Animal: Juiced Aminos – Supplement Review

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Today I will be reviewing the Bodybuilding Supplement ‘Jucied Aminos’ made by Universal Nurition using the Animal brand. Keep reading for the inside info on how this BCAA Supplement can enhance your workout regime.


Well lets get started with the Basics.

First off this is a BCAA and EAA bodybuilding supplement. If you dont know what either of those mean. Then have yourself a quick bing search or here on wikipedia for the info. Anyway, after reading that you should have a basic idea of what Aminos Acids do and why you need them in your diet.

So listen, those BCAA and EAA’s are critical to muscle growth and muscle retention. Now sure you can get all the BCAA and EAA’s you want from a good healthy diet high in the right kinds of Proteins. But for most of us bodybuilders we want to get bigger and stronger. So when a shortcut comes along in the form of a Supplement that gives you those BCAA and EAA even faster and stronger. Then you know we are all for it.

Looking over this can of Juiced Amninos by Animal/Universal Nurition. We can see that it covers just about everything and then some. Using patented amino forumlas such as sustamine, GlycoCarn, and ArgineCarn. These amino acids deliver the basic building blocks of muscle straight into your system. What this means is you can increase the muscle growth and retention even quicker and in less time compared to those basic protein powders.

I’ve tried a few Amnio Acid Supplements and I found the one by Animal to be the best. Although it is alittle more expensive then other brands. With animal you have the Ironclad gurantee and proof from its sponsored Bodybuilders that their products work. So, lets get on with the review shall we?

Jucied Amnios comes in three flavors Grape Juiced, Orange Juiced, and Strawberry limeaid. I have used all the flavors and tried the product out for a solid two months to give it a real chance of showing me results.

Taste: Grape Juiced is probably my favorite which tastes like grape juice. Followed by Strawberrylimeaid which is a more lime than strawberry flavored supp to me. And finally with Orange juiced way way back in third place which as you guessed it tastes like Orange Juice. But to me it was alittle harsh and hard going down compared to the other two.

Strength Gains: I found myself having more energy and my muscle hardness had increased while on juiced aminos. I also felt like I could hit the weights little harder than without the aminos.

Energy: I found myself having alot more pep in my step when I get my morning workout started. Over time though I found the erngery boost to fade away as my body got more used to the increase in BCAA and EAA’s.

Price: I looked high and low across the web for the best prices on Juiced Amninos. I found a few sites that gave a good price. But overall I felt that Juiced Amninos was over priced. The average tub of the stuff sat aroundn 21 to 28 dollars. That is with 30 servings per tub and a recommended dosage of at least two servings a day. So doing the math compared to other Amino Acid supps you are paying more. But you’ll find it a quality product.



Thanks for checking out my Animal Juiced Aminos Supplement review. If  your looking to pick some up I recommend the following stores below.


Bodybuilding.com, MassNutrition.com, and Amazon.





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