Cobra Labs/ The Curse Preworkout – Supplement Review

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Today I will be reviewing another bodybuilding supplement. It goes by the name “The Curse” it is a preworkout or intense energy supplement.

“The Curse” is made by the fellas over at Cobra Labs, now The Curse is mainly developed as a workout enhancer to be taken before you start your workout. But I find you can use it to increase your mental focus and alertness for hardcore gaming sessions you just gotta win.

The Curse comes in a few different flavors and some bodybuilding sites like offer a variety pack so you can find which flavors you like or to even see if you want to purchase more after trying it out.


The Curse comes in numerous flavors and some sites even have exclusive flavors so if you dont mind checking out numerous sites then you can find a few different flavors that just might be one of your favorites in the end. Here below are the standard flavors available.

Blue Raspberry Ice
Green Apple Envy
Lemon Rush
Orange Mango
Tropical Storm
Watermelon Deluxe – exclusive


Nutrition Facts:

As you can see the curse has a pretty decent formula. So most people can expect a good pump or at least a rush of energy.


The Test:

I purchased the variety pack available at and hit the gym. I didn’t find any of the flavors to be that great, but they all went down well enough. The first thing I noticed was a intense tingling sensation from the beta alanine. It was much stronger then I’ve felt in previous preworkout supplements. I also felt more alert, but the focus didnt last very long. As I was pumping weights I had a easier time maxing out then previous times.

As for my final say, I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10. Mostly because I didn’t find any of the flavors to be enjoyable and the focus didn’t seem to last very long. So for those of you looking to pickup The Curse for a gaming enhancer, you might want to try something that will last longer and maybe something that wont make your entire body flush and tingly.

You can find “The Curse” at numerous supplement sites but I picked up my trial size at so head over there for even more info, reviews, and purchase information.


Check The Curse out here on


As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your next workout or gaming session.

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