Kenshi – First Impressions

Howdy Gamers!

Today I will be giving you my first impressions of Kenshi. Fresh out of early access and available now on Steam and GOG.

Kenshi is a very interesting game. Set in a desolate Eastern/Asian themed post apocalyptic world. It is a complex hybrid of Sim, Strategy, and RPG. The main theme of the game is that you’re just a nobody like everyone else and that means you can become anything. But what you become is entirely up to you and your own ambitions you don’t have anyone or anything hanging over you giving you a set goal and quest to fulfill. Instead you simply do as you please.

For instance, lets say you want to become the most powerful martial artist of all time. Sure, go ahead. It’s not that simple though, first you need to train and train hard. This will lead to many defeats as you attempt to build up your skills. Of course simply being defeated doesn’t mean you respawn or get away from the fight with no side effects. Heck you may not survive at all and it will be a complete game over with no way of continuing with that character. But let say you do survive, if you picked the fight with the wrong group you might actually be enslaved and sold off all over the map and forced to work in mines. Of course, you can try and escape and perhaps you do. Well, now you’ve learned about hardwork in the mines and your character will have grown because of it.

Your character is constantly growing as you don’t really level up as in some rpgs. Instead you gain exp in each stat and in the multitude of fighting and crafting skills. As they improve you become not only stronger and capable of greater feats in said set. But you character changes in appearance as either larger and more defined from hardwork and martial arts. Or if you take a path of a scientist smaller and thinner.

Of course, you don’t have to play as just one person you can recruit many different people to join in your personal journey. There are a multitude of races some of which you can pick as your characters own race when you start the game. You can pick from Robots(Skeletons as they are called here) two different kinds of humans, and a few other unique races like Hivers and Sheks. Each with their own unique racial bonuses to stats and skills. As well as each race having a specific homeland/faction and as such their own different kinds of allies and enemies all over the gameworld.

Now lets go over the multitude of different Factions in the game as well as your own. They’re are over twenty different factions with their own aims and goals in Kenshi. Some simply want to stay alive in a hostile world full of bandits, roving predators, and warring kingdoms. Others want to regain lost land, some even want to overthrow their own factions.

In the case of your own faction. It simply starts out as “nameless’ because for one you are definitely a nobody right now. So even considering starting to build your own city and faction is not very wise. But once you’ve got a few days under your belt and you have recruited a decent sized squad and been through a few fights, heck maybe even made friends with the United Cities or The Holy Nation. Then you can find a nice place to settle down and build your own city.

Building you own city is no small feat, you are given quite a variety of structures and crafting equipment most of which you need to research and can even purchase a few blueprints at the different stores around the world. Of course, the real problem here is where do you build it? In Okrans Pride? It is after all the most fertile valley in the entire game. Sure, you can. But you’ll have to pay tribute to the Holy Nation who rule that part of the world. If you don’t, they’ll come with a sizable force and remove you from their land. Other parts of the world may be under no rule or another factions rule. So instead of demanding tribute you may face roving hordes of dust bandits or cannibals.

That is just a basic overview of some of the games main features. I’ll go into further depth at another time. Right now, though I need to get my hemp farms up an running so I can make more clothes and fuel for my generators which power my refineries which make bolts for my mounted crossbows all along my cities walls to repel black ninjas and bandits trying to steal my huge supply of cactus rum and food supplies.

You can visit the developers site below and you can find Kenshi for sale on either Steam or GOG. There is a Demo now available through the developers site. If you like any kind of Base/World building games then Kenshi is worth checking out.

Lo-Fi Games Site Steam and GOG

Until then fellow Gamers!